Missions To Remote Unreached People Groups


Radical Missionaries Needed Now

Print Length: 293 pages
Publisher: David L. Markham (September 2, 2014)
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Language: English
ASIN: B00NAIX15K – ISBN for Kindle Digital 978-0-9907587-1-6

Remote Unreached People Groups are located in the most inaccessible and inhospitable places in the world. They require a radical new breed of missionaries to go to them.

We live in a modern age with so much at our disposal but with all our technology, efforts and sophisticated missiology, we still have not reached all the unreached people groups. A different model for missions is required which means a radically move away from our current methods and sending protocols.

It will also require a major shift from traditional missionary sending methods to a strict adherence to the methods of Jesus. This book covers the most radical teaching on missions most have overlooked; the teaching of Jesus Christ.

The new missionary needs no calling, no money, no missionary sending agency nor do they ever need to come back. They do not need visas or other burdensome protocols that many mission agencies require today. This book explains all these things in detail.

Jesus knew what he was doing and taught us everything we need to know to fulfill the great commission. The New Testament has always been today’s handbook for world missions.
The author writes from the experience of traveling into over one hundred remote unreached people groups. He explains why the modern missionary movement has a short reach keeping the missionary from getting into the most remote unreached peoples, languages, tribes and clans.

He also gives the latest unvarnished estimates on how many unreached people groups there are. It has a wealth of practical guidelines to help you get into your remote unreached people group and be the missionary God intended you to be.

Other important insights contained in this book:

  • Sending Protocol for Missionaries to Remote Unreached Groups
  • Simple Guide to Orientate and Place Missionaries On Your Field
  • Tips When Under Persecution, Kidnapping or Imprisonment
  • Mistakes New Missionaries Make Going Into Remote Unreached People Groups
  • How to Enter Into Remote Unreached People Groups
  • Simple Discipleship Movement Guide
  • Situations Where an Outside Foreign Missionary is Needed
  • Test of Your Missionary Sending Agency
  • Overview of The Major Research Initiatives
  • How Many People Groups and Unreached People Groups Are There In The World?
  • Where to Find the Best Unreached People Group Information

Some chapter titles from the book: Chapter 1: Why Are There Still Remote Unreached People Groups?, Chapter 2 – You Don’t Need A Calling to Be A Missionary, Chapter 3 – You Do Not Need Money To Be A Missionary, Chapter 4 – Missionaries Should Not Ever Come Home, Chapter 6 – Missionaries Don’t Need A Sending Agency, Chapter 7 – Missionaries Are Willing to Die for the Gospel, Chapter 8 – Missionaries Do Not Need Permission to Preach the Gospel, Chapter 12 – How Pick Your Remote Unreached People Group

This book was written with the future generation of missionaries in mind but it holds many suggestions for those currently on the field or those currently sending missionaries cross-culturally.